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Have you ever come across the only photo you had of your great grandparents - but it was creased, water-damaged, and torn?  Did you ever wish you could revitalize the faded colors in the picture taken in 1960 of you sitting on Santa's lap?  Do you have a great picture taken of you and your spouse, only some passerby's head is in the composition as well? 

Don't worry!

Bernzweig Framing and Design uses the latest restoration technology to remove cracks, spots, tears, water damage, etc. from your priceless pictures.  We first scan your photo into our computer,  then digitally clean up, manipulate, enhance,  or restore it to your instructions.  Then, a new photograph is printed and sent back to you, along with the untouched original.



Your restored photo will be printed on a heavy stock paper.  The cost for printing your photo is determined by the size that you request it to be printed.   You can enlarge the original up to approximately 11"x17", or decrease it to whatever size you wish.  The following are the print costs:

Up to and including 5"x7" :  $7 per print

Larger than 5"x7" up to and including 8"x10":   $10 per print

Larger than 8"x10" up to and including 11"x14": $15 per print

Greater than 11"x14" up to11"x17" : $20 per print

-If you would like your new photo mounted on 1/8" acid-free foamboard, there is a $5 charge for photos up to and including 8"x10", and a $10 charge for photos up to and including 11"x17".



Light Restoration:  Minor scratches,  some creases; intensify the contrast of the overall photo.  $49

Medium Restoration:  More numerous scratches and creases, some passing through the face area;  some tears and/or small areas of photo are missing from the background. $69

Heavy Restoration:  Scratches throughout majority of photo; major tears, major water spots and/or smears; color is  faded; faces are   damaged; people to be removed or rearranged in picture. $95

Ultimate Restoration:  For those cases when you don't believe anything can be done to save the photo - we will quote you a price.   This includes severe facial damage;  large areas missing in photo; major rearranging of items in photo.


If you would like to have your photo restored and professionally framed, we have a complete framing facility on the premises, and offer a beautiful selection of traditional and contemporary wood mouldings to enhance your   photograph.  Please see our Picture Framing page.